Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer of Love

Noah and I talk a lot about our wedding. We're having a blast with all the planning and can't wait to celebrate on May 22, 2010.

Planning a wedding gives you interesting perspective on other people's weddings. I have to say, we've been lucky to be a part of so many beautiful, meaningful and FUN weddings this summer. Here's a little toast to all our newlywed friends.

Meredith and Duncan, May 2009, Charlotte, NC

Erin and Allen, August 2009, Wilmington, NC
*photo from Jenn...thanks!*

Emily and Pat, August 2009, Southern Pines, NC

How fun...Pat's Samoan so in good Samoan tradition, his grandmother serenaded the new couple while his mother performed a welcoming dance for them. Later, the men all danced circles around Emily, whooped and hollered, while the women tucked money into her dress. How's that for becoming part of the family!

Sarah and Ross, August 2009, Greensboro, NC

That look on Sarah's face means...yes...the cake went down her dress. Hopefully the slight mishap didn't lead to any sticky situations!

A celebration full of old friends and new made for a superb night.

*thanks for the photos, Katie!*

Congrats also to Tom and Meaghan who got married last weekend in Louisville. We're sorry we couldn't make it. We've heard it was a most stellar event! **Tillo, you best have enjoyed my chicken.

AND...Noah and I were thrilled to find out that our friends Lisa and John (bee and chicken keepers extraordinaire!) officially became wife and husband in July. They waited to share the we just want to keep congratulating them. I thought about stealing a photo from their blog - instead I decided just to post some of our own from their upcoming wedding celebration. Stay tuned...

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