Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In Love with a Reader

Noah is an avid reader. It's one of my favorite things about him.

On the best Sunday mornings, we go into town and grab a New York Times. Thick and juicy, we take the day to devour the treat. Throughout the following week, we spend mornings with coffee and the remains of Sunday's paper. The crisp sheets become crinkled and smudged...tell tale signs that stories have been savored. What I really love are all the pauses we take to share what we're each reading. Sometimes one of us just agrees to read a whole article aloud. Of course, discussion follows. Many great conversations have started like this.

In the past year or so, my parents have also gotten into the Sunday Times. Their back porch is a great paper reading spot. We like joining them for this.

I'm not even making this up: as I type this Noah says to me, "Hey baby, can I read you something?"

I turn my head toward him, letting him know that I'm all ears. He shares with me a little blurb about Angkor from the National Geographic he's been pouring over (see photo above). In just a few seconds my mind has opened a bit more, and I'm back to blogging.

What a guy.

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  1. Morgan! I love this! The whole blog, I mean. You're doing a fabulous job so far! Also, I was just at Angkor Wat! Like a few weeks ago. It was AMAZING. Cambodia is simply splendid and I think you would love it. Keep it up, bud . . . it's good to see pics of your world!